Literature in Review

As I read materials pertaining to the study of the Bible, I am posting reviews and summaries here. In effect, this section is an annotated bibliography of resources for biblical studies. Each book title on the post is linked to Amazon. If an author has his own web page, I try to link to it also. To link to my review click on the “Review” icon to the left.


James White, The Potter’s Freedom, 2009.
The Flood of Gilgamesh
Baal Cycles
Enuma Elish
Baker, David W. and Bill T. Arnold. The Face of Old Testament Studies. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1999. ISBN: 080102871X
John H. Walton, “Psalms: A Cantata about the Davidic Covenant,” JETS 34/1, 21-32.
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Showers, Renald. There Really Is a Difference Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, 1990. ISBN: 0915540509.
McClain, Alva J. Law and Grace BMH Books, 1954. ISBN: 0884690016.