Over a period of about 4 months, we covered the topic of Dispensations in Sunday School. The focus of the presentation was not so much arguing the reasons for Dispensationalism as opposed to Covenant Theology or a Reformed position. Our doctrinal statement references Dispensationalism, and therefore, it is important that we understand the dispensations.

It is my hope that these posts will serve as a reference that simply and clearly lays out each dispensation. The introductory posts review the interpretive principle of Dispensationalism, and then each of the seven dispensations follows. I have tried to explain in detail each dispensational distinctive, God’s ruling principle, and when each dispensation begins and ends. These things were presented briefly during the Sunday School hour, and here serve as reminders for the class and grounds for further study.


1. Introduction
2. Definition
3. Description
4. Progress of Revelation
5. Salvation
6. Biblical Covenants
7. Innocence
8. Conscience
9. Human Government
10. Promise
11. Law (Part I)
12. Law (Part II)
13. Church (Part I)
14. Church (Part II)
15. Church (Part III)
16. Tribulation
17. Kingdom (Part I)
18. Kingdom (Part II)