Bible Study Notes

The Bible study notes that I have incorporated here are primarily for the aid of the congregation at First Baptist Church, Granite Falls, Minn. My hope is that these notes would aid the congregation as they study the Bible.

Currently, two kinds of notes are listed in the menu. The first notes relate to the study of the Epistle to the Hebrews and to a survey of the Old Testament Minor Prophets. These notes are short. They represent succinct conclusions to my study, and not the evidence nor arguments that lead me to those conclusions. (Perhaps at a future point I will be in a place to publish those also.)

The second section of notes are summaries of the literature that I am reading related to studying the Bible. It serves more like an annotated bibliography. If the author has a personal website, I have linked to it when possible.

May God be glorified and the church edified through these posts.