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Our pastor just finished our Sunday School series on A Conservative Christian Declaration on Palm Sunday. I published three introductory articles on this blog, attempting to answer the questions, What is a conservative? What is a Christian? and What is the best way to read the book?

Starting on April 30, we will survey the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament. Below is a summary of the topics we will cover. So far we have covered the first two.

  1. Introduction to the First Five Books
  2. Creation (Why Day Means a 24-Hour Day)
  3. The Flood
  4. The Covenant with Abraham
  5. Law and Grace
  6. The Sacrificial System
  7. The Conquest of the Nations
  8. The Oracles of Balaam
  9. The Message of Deuteronomy
  10. The Song of Moses